VISION : NCSWT provides leadership in the voluntary sectors and collaborates with government agencies and other NGOs to engage in philanthropic activities for people in distress and people with disabilities.   

United Way
of Thailand

Annual Report 200 8
United Way of Thailand
National Council on Social Welfare of Thailand

United Way of Thailand (UWT) is a one of Permanent Committee of National Council on Social Welfare of Thailand (NCSWT) and founded in 1971.

Objectives of United Way Thailand
UWT has four main objectives :

1. To facilitate the education of the principles of sharing, caring, and “People Helping People.”
2. To provide information to communities on social welfare problems and solution efforts.
3. To obtain community support and aid for fundraising campaigns.
4. Allocation of funds to member organizations and other social welfare organizations.


NCSWT consists of an Assembly, a Board of Directors, 4 Permanent Committees, 23 Standing Committees, 12 Regional Coordinating Committees and the NCSWT's Office. The Assembly consists of representatives from ordinary and associate members. Only ordinary members are entitled to vote. The Assembly is convened every three years.

The Board of Directors consists of representatives from ordinary members elected by the Assembly and is composed of a President, three Vice Presidents and Board's members of not more than 25. The 12 Chairmen of Regional Coordinating Committees are exofficio members.

President : Mr. Nuttapash Intuputi

Secretary General : Assist. Prof. Dr. Vajiraya Buasri

Treasurer : Mrs. Chacahree Chaiyasin

NCSWT's Board of Directors appoints the Committee on the United Way of Thailand , chaired by Mr. Nuttapash Intuputi, NCSWT President to oversee the planning and operation of United Way Thailand and Assist. Prof. Dr.Vajiraya Buasri, NCSWT Secretary General, is secretary of the Committee on the United Way of Thailand as well.

Fundraising Campaign

The United Way Thailand raises funds through individual solicitation, sales of products, special events, and corporate gifts.
In 2008, 53.23 % of fundraising efforts came from the sales of products, 22.21 % from corporate gifts and 13 % came from special events. The total amount raised in 2008 was US$ 754,433.64 (Bht25,273,527.78).

Method of fundraising

1. Direct mail - Birthday card project 0 , Credit card point donation and Collection boxes in shopping centers,     companies and banks.
2. Special events - Charity Horse Racing Day, Trade Fair and Telethon on the 48 th NCSWT Anniversary     Charity Night.

3. Sale of products - The sale of artificial jasmine flower arrangement on the National Mother's Day, and sale      from NCSWT product shop.

NCSWT has also received grant support from the international donors through UWI, such as the grant supported from the Citigroup Foundation for Citi Scholarship and Education Development Camp Program.


Funds raised are allocated to the NCSWT member organizations and other social welfare organizations for six categories of projects: projects on social services, social problem solving, social development, moral development, anti-narcotics and national security.

Moreover, NCSWT also allocated fund to projects and programs, which ran by the NCSWT member organizations including Provincial Council on Social Welfare, Regional Coordinating Committees and other social welfare organizations.

In 2008, UWT supported the projects of 106 member organizations in six main areas:

1. Social Welfare Projects 16 projects
     - Rehabilitation for the disabled persons,
       Family & child welfare services

2. Social Problem Solving Projects 5 projects
     - Environment preservation & development

3. Social Development Projects 35 projects
     - Elderly Services, Women &Youth development,
       Medical & Health Services, Vocational training & Career development

4. Moral development Projects 41 projects
     - Moral development camp, Meditation training course,
        Psychological counseling, Quality of Life development

5. Anti-narcotics Projects 8 projects
    - Drugs prevention, Rehabilitation for the addicts, Drugs prevention through     Sports and Music

6. National Security Project 1 project
     - Volunteer Development training

Project in cooperation with corporate:

- Citi Foundation

Citi Scholarship and Education Development Camp program

National Council on Social Welfare of Thailand (NCSWT) together with Citi organized activities to promote Education Development Camp program by providing scholarships and youth camp for students. Citi Foundation of America supported the whole project with the fund of 3,015,000 baht (US$ 90,000).

•  On 31 st October 2008, 118 scholarships in the amount of 1,917,800 baht were presented to students at the Auditorium of National Council on Social Welfare of Thailand (NCSWT) by NCSWT President, Mr. Nuttapash Intuputi; Vice President, Mr. Arun Ngamdee; Citi Country Officer, Mr. Peter E liot and Senior Human Resource Director, Mr. Yothin Janewanit

•  The period during Oct. 31 st to Nov 3 rd 2008, all the 82 scholarship recipients together with 10 staff from Citibank Thailand and 9 staff from National Council on Social Welfare of Thailand participated in the camp activities to promote “Homeland Appreciation and Conservation of our Environment” at W a ngsing Resort in Amphoe Sai Yok, Kanchanaburi Province.

- Coca Cola Foundation Thailand

Junior Water Challenge Project

National Council on Social Welfare of Thailand (NCSWT) together with Coca-Cola Foundation Thailand had arranged the Junior Water Challenge Project, with the objectives to raise awareness of how water resource is important to its community, to conserve the related environment and to learn and have an understanding of skills and technology to manage water resource, to build network of water management among schools, and also among organizations, private sectors and communities. Coca-Cola Foundation Thailand supported this project with a fund of 1,500,000 baht.

Dr. Vajiraya Buasri, Secretary General of National Council on Social Welfare of Thailand as Chairman on Operational Committee of this project organized a contest for participants of Junior Water Challenge Program as follows:

1. Selection Criteria on Regional level : Divided schools into 4 groups, 5 schools in a group with 20 students from each school.

•  The Northern Region was scheduled for camp during 21-23 March 2008, the winning school was Chae Hom Wittaya School from Lampang Province for “Conserve and Restore Haui Hok Water Resource” program.

•  The Northeastern Region was scheduled for camp during March 28-30 2008 the winning school was M a ncha Suksa School from Khon Kaen Province for “Youth conserve Kud Khao Swamp ” program.

•  The East and Central Region was scheduled for May 9-11 2008 the winning school for this region was Romklow Watthana Nakhon School from Sa Kaeo Province for “Youth conserve water according to His Majesty King's initiative” program

•  The Southern Region was scheduled for camp during May 23-25 th 2008 the winning school for this region was Hua i Yot School from Trang Province for “Planting soil-cover around reservoirs” program.

The winning school of this level must implement its proposed program for 3 months and must attend the next camp schedule.

2. Wining Criteria on National level : Camp schedule was arranged during 9-10 October, 2008. The winner of the program was announced.

•  The Permanent Secretary Ministry of Education, Mr. Boonrat Wongyai presented a Trophy from Minister of Education and 50,000 baht to the winning school, Romklow Watthana Nakhon School from Sa Kaeo Province.

•  The second winner went to Chae Hom Wittaya School from Lampang Province and received a Certificate from National Council on Social Welfare of Thailand and 30,000 baht.

•  The 2 complementary prizes went to Mancha Suksa School from Khon Kaen province and Huai Yot School from Trang province. Each school received a Certificate from National Council on Social Welfare of Thailand and 10,000 baht.


Samsung Community Center of Hope

The devastating Tsunami on December 26 th , 2004 was a major natural disaster that has enormously affected thousands of people living in six provinces along the coastline of the Andaman Sea ; namely Phuket, Phang-Nga, Krabi, Trang, Satun, and Ranong. The National Council on Social Welfare of Thailand received financial support from Samsung Company of Korea through the United Way International-UWI in the amount of US$ 283,900 in year 2005 and an additional amount of US$ 61,250 in 2007 for construction of “Samsung Community Center of Hope” at Tambol Kukkak, Takua Pa District, Phang-Nga Province , Thailand . The construction was completed and the Inauguration for the Center was presided over in August 2007.

The National Council on Social Welfare of Thailand has established a Samsung Community Center Project Committee chaired by the Chief Officer of Takua Pa District and representatives of the communities are Committee members. They employed 5 staffs to run the center. Ms. Surassavadee Buasri is the manager of the Center.

Samsung Community Center 's Activity Programs for 2008:

•  National Children's Day : Samsung Community Center together with the Local Administrative Office and the public sectors organized a one day program that filled with activities for children on January 12 th in the Kukkak area at Wat Kamaniyaket's school ground. 500 participants from this area and nearby enjoyed the various forms of activities: singing contest, educational games, I.Q. test, etc. The children were happy, well fed and excited with some gifts to take home with them.

•  Royal Respect to Princess : Samsung Community Center invited local people to perform Buddhist activity by offering food to monks in memory of the HRH Princess Galyani Vadhana Krom Luang Naradhiwas Rajanakarindra who passed away.

•  Health Service for public : Samsung Community Center and the District Health Center of Takua Pa District working together to provide information on general health care and basic first aid for public on the first and third Wednesday of the month.

•  Rights for the elderly and disabled : Samsung Community Center invited a speaker from the Ministry of Social Welfare and Human Security to give a one day seminar on updated information about the new Legal Rights Act for the Elderly and the People with disabilities. The seminar was held for the benefit of people in community on April 25 th , 2008.

•  Youth and Drugs Awareness : The Samsung Community Center arranged a one day seminar for school students and teachers from schools in the area to participate in “Youth and Drugs Awareness” on May 21 st , 2008. Speakers were organized by the Public Health, Takua Pa Hospital, Takua Pa District Prison and Police Station.

•  Vegetables and Fruits Carving : Training was conducted in two days in June 2008. Participants learned and practiced the skills of vegetables and fruits craving to be used in hotels.

•  Working with Banana Leaf: The training was given by a Professor from Vocational College in Phuket in December 2008. Participants learned about ways to create production out from banana leaf in your garden.

•  Thai desserts and packaging designs: The training was given in December 2008. Participants learned how to prepare different kinds of traditional Thai desserts and also how to make nice packaging to increase value of goods.

•  F ree English classes for Children : The Center offered free of charge English classes for students in the evening on weekdays and in the morning on Saturdays. The volunteers from ISB, Tsunami Volunteers Center assisted our Center in teaching classes.

•  Samsung Community Center Library : Many thanks to SWIFT Company and United Fund for Belgium that they kindly donated many kinds of books such as children books, historical books, career books, books related to learning English, geography, religion, cultures, and many other books to fill shelves in the library for the public use. Dr. Vajiraya Buasri, Secretary General of the NCSWT and Director of the Samsung Project handed over these books to Mr.Puwanart Akerat, Chief Officer of Takua Pa District and Chief Executive Director of the Samsung Community Center .