The 9th United Way Asia-Pacific Regional Conference

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June 29, 2011
June 30, 2011
July 1, 2011
Collective impact.pdf 2010-10-23 HANDOUTS United Way Message Workshop.docx

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examples of community impact strategies.pdf AP GSA Presentation - final.ppt

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is this a community impact strategy.pdf APAConf-GCL Mg Dnr Relationships 1.ppt



Part 1 of the story.pdf Create message.ppt sichuan charity.ppt
Part 2 of the story.pdf IDAG.ppt


Product Development Flyer.pdf 2010-02-19 Planet Aid Key Messages.doc


Baroda_Case study.ppt OWYP - messaging.doc
Framing our work in PBSP FINAL.ppt    
Framing our work.ppt    
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